4 cases of legionellosis possibly linked to Pacific Health Club

TOWN OF SALINA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Four cases of legionellosis in Onondaga County may be linked to the Pacific Health Club in the Town of Salina, the health department tells NewsChannel 9.

County health officials say evidence of Legionella was identified in two hot tubs and skimmers at the Old Liverpool Road facility.

Those hot tubs were immediately closed and disinfected.

Skimmers and piping were also sanitized-- follow up testing has not shown any live legionella.

The county health department is investigating 19 cases of legionellosis among people who live in or have visited the county in recent months.

No other cases have known links to the health club.

Legionella can’t be spread from person to person.

NewsChannel 9 has reached out to the Pacific Health Club and we are waiting to hear back from their corporate offices.

In 2015, the New York State Department of Health adopted first-in-the-nation regulations requiring cooling towers to be registered, routinely inspected, and tested for Legionella to reduce potential exposures, prevent illnesses, and protect the public.

If cooling towers are not operated and maintained properly, bacteria such as Legionella can grow in the tower’s water and be dispersed into the air.

For more information about Legionella, click here. 

The health department says it will continue to work with the state and the health club to ensure the health and safety of members, and staff.

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