An update from Dave Longley

EAST SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - I’ve had a lot of people ask me for updates, wondering if I’m still at the station. I am.

I’ve spent the past year settling into my role as Assistant News Director. Coming from a weather background, I had to learn a lot about the workings of the newsroom.

Part of my job is watching the weathercasts as a viewer. I know firsthand what it’s like to work everyday in the office, forecasting and putting together weather broadcasts. Sitting out in the newsroom I can provide a unique perspective to the weathercasts from the viewpoint of the news viewer and help to fine tune our broadcasts.

We recently debuted our new set in late January. There were days of rehearsals to make sure everything was set up perfectly. While I was not in front of the camera, I did manage to help put together our new weather graphics “look”. I was able to spend a few days in the weather office, working with Jim Teske and the Storm Team in updating our graphics. It was nice to see everything come together and get a chance to see our work show up on television.

Bottom line…I’ve been busy.

How’ve I been feeling?  My answer is … okay.

Low and behold, I have multiple sclerosis. But you already knew that.

I just had my 6-month checkup with my neurologist back in January. The good news is that, there have been no new symptoms. My every 6-week infusion of Tysabri is doing what it is supposed to. I’ve been on this drug for 8 years now. Yes, there have been many new drug therapies which have hit the marketplace, but as my neurologist says, “if it isn’t broke…don’t fix it.” The Tysabri is doing what it is supposed to do (preventing new lesions or symptoms) so I will continue with my current therapy.

However, there is no cure for multiple sclerosis. While the medicine might help to lessen new symptoms, it doesn’t stop my current symptoms from getting worse.

That’s where I am now.  Maintaining.

I still get extremely tired.  Not just not enough sleep tired, but knocked down, dragged out tired. To where you feel you can’t go on and you just want to curl up in a ball and go to sleep.

My tremor is getting slowly worse and is no longer confined to my right hand. Drinking out of a cup is an exercise to say the least. I might have to resort soon to sippie cups used by toddlers.

My legs are getting slowly weaker, where it can be a chore to walk long distances. I am excited to try out some new hiking poles that I bought recently. I’m hoping to get out and take a few walks around the neighborhood. I know my enlarging midsection will enjoy the exercise.

The lawn is slowly getting greener. Lawn mowing will commence soon. Well, after a bit of shoveling late this week.

I did find something out, that’s new.

Apparently, I suffer from Uhtoff’s Phenomenon.  What the heck is that?

When I get overheated, my legs get even weaker. My vision gets blurry and I’m just a mess.

This condition occurs in some people with neurological diseases when the body gets overheated from hot weather, exercise, fever, saunas and hot tubs.

This is part of the reason why it’s important that people with multiple sclerosis work to stay cool during the hot time of year.

That’s the latest from this old weather man. I’m always here for questions or comments about me, my health, or things going on at the station. Of course, I’m always happy to talk weather. You can e-mail me at

I hope this finds you well.

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