Antioxidants Protect Vision

Good carbs and bad carbs.  We think about carbs as it relates to weight loss.  But new research shows the types of carbs you eat can protect your eyesight. Our Food for Thought is about how to choose your carbs wisely.

  • Instead of orange juice, eat an orange. You'll get more fiber and antioxidants, good for your eyes.
  • Instead of a donut, eat a slice of whole-wheat toast.
  • Instead of cornflakes, eat all-bran cereal.
  • Instead of instant mashed potatoes, eat a baked sweet potato.
  • Instead of ice cream, eat low-fat yogurt with artificial sweetener.
  • Instead of pretzels, eat peanuts

Those are dietary changes you can make.  A major study has shown certain supplements can also protect against macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of blindness.  Click on "related links" for the Age-Related Eye Disease Study (known as "AREDS").

Source: Food & Fitness Advisor, March 2008

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