Samsung's Galaxy S8 is now available

Galaxy S7 cost company $5 billion after recall

(CNNMoney) - The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are now available on most major carriers, and the latest smartphone from Samsung is on fire, and this time in a good way. 

More than one million of the new Galaxy S8 phone have been ordered in advance in South Korea, setting a new record for Samsung's home market, company spokesman Eric Sohn said.

Samsung did not immediately respond to a request on the pace of preorders in the U.S.

The headline number is welcome news for Samsung. This is the first high-end smartphone the tech giant has rolled out since the debacle over its fire-prone Galaxy Note 7.

A bungled recall cost the company more than $5 billion and ultimately forced it to kill off the Note 7.

Now, analysts say Samsung needs a flawless launch for the S8.

It's already suffered an early stumble. Last week, Samsung said its widely touted artificial intelligence tool Bixby -- seen as a rival for Apple's Siri -- won't be fully operational in time for the U.S. release of the Galaxy S8.

The phone goes on sale on April 21.

Those looking for a new device can look forward to an edge to edge display and new personal assistant.



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