Camillus man warns of contractor he says swindled him out of nearly $6K: Your Stories

Published 04/11 2014 11:17PM

Updated 04/11 2014 11:36PM

Camillus (WSYR-TV) - A Camillus man is warning others about an alleged home contractor that he says swindled him out of thousands of dollars - and he says he isn’t the only victim.

David Sansone says the scam artist is doing shoddy work at homes around the area and now police have stepped in.

Sansone's say his nightmare began in his home back in February when he found a company in the Yellow Pages that connected him to 47-year-old contractor Paul Warner to fix his frozen pipes.

The work was only supposed to cost a few thousand dollars, but two months later, because of all the damage Sansone said the contractor caused, it's soared to nearly $38,000.

“It makes me not want to go to bed at night, but worst of all I don't want to wake up in the morning because it’s like living a perpetual nightmare over and over again,” Sansone said.

Sansone says Warner not only worked on his pipes, but he insisted on doing more work around the home.

“He said as long as I'm tearing down this wall, I'm a contractor, I did historic repair. He said ‘why don't you let me redo the bathroom while I'm up here',” Sansone said.

But now, Sansone’s bathroom is left in disrepair as the wall and the floors have to come out and everything has to be replaced.

Down the hall from that room, Sansone says Warner destroyed another room after hastily knocking out an entire wall, cutting the electrical cords and aborting the plumbing, causing a leak in the downstairs ceiling.

But even worse, Sansone says Warner started stealing from him.

“He was taking everything out, scraping everything without my acknowledgment, and he would ask me for money and spend it on something else,” Sansone said.

Sansone was so upset he got an Order of Protection to keep Warner off his property.

And on March 15, Warner was arrested for petit larceny and aggravated unlicensed operator.

Just a few hours before NewsChannel 9 arrived to interview Sansone, Warner showed up with police and court permission to get his tools back.

“This guy has committed a crime against me and yet he can demand his tools, but who holds him accountable for all the damage he’s done,” Sansone asked.

Living on a fixed income, Sansone doesn't know if he'll ever be able to rebuild his home or his life.

Sansone says he's contacted a lawyer, the Better Business Bureau and the State Attorney General’s Office about the case.

NewsChannel 9’s Jennifer Sanders spoke to a victim from Onondaga Hill who says Warner has done the same thing to them.

NewsChannel 9 also discovered Warner has another warrant for petit larceny in Liverpool.

Police say he stole copper pipes from a business he was supposed to be doing work for.

The BBB and the State Attorney General both offer tips on how to protect against home repair scams.

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