Central New York company creating system to spot potential drone threats

NORTH SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Central New York is quickly becoming a hub for all things drones, but as drones become part of our daily lives, questions have been raised about the safety and security these devices can bring. 

One North Syracuse company is using drone popularity to create a system to keep people safe.

You can easily spot a drone in the air, but they can just as easily disappear seconds later.

“Right now, these threats are very small and very easy to get into the area they want to drop off their ordinance or cause destruction,” Tony Abanese, the president of Gryphon Sensors.

The company has created a system which consists of cameras on top of a 35-foot mast that feed video back into the mobile center in the van. The cameras check out the airspace to clearly see where the drones are and what potential threats there are.

Monitors can detect drones for up to 10 kilometers.

The system would detect drones or anything else flying in the air space at sporting events or even may be used by local police departments.

“We can imagine municipalities wanting at least one of these vehicles to support their police forces or fire fighters or search and rescue missions and things of that sort. They can roll this vehicle into a location, clear the air space, fly their own drones to monitor or to find people that are in distress or to see what the situation is in front of them,” Abanese said.

Each of the mobile systems costs more than a million dollars.

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