Central New York native's home in Texas damaged by hurricane

TEXAS (WSYR-TV) - Joe Cesta is a Central New York native, who moved to Victoria, Texas nine years ago. It was another hurricane, Ike, that brought him there as a helicopter pilot helping with recovery efforts.

Now, Joe is trying to move home. He was set to close on the sale of his Texas house next week, until Hurricane Harvey hit.

His barn was blown over in the wind and his home lost part of its roof, allowing water to leak in. Cesta has to drive back down to make the repairs before selling the home.

Cesta was spared the worst, but he has a new appreciation for Central New York's weather.

It was the snow that drove him away nine years ago, but now he knows it's not so bad compared to other natural disasters.

Cesta says, "Snow is something you can push out of the way and it's quiet or peaceful. It disrupts things for a day or two, when the big storms come, but it's not like 100-knot winds, rain, feet of rain. That's going to take months, if not years to mitigate."

He plans on first repairing his own home, selling it and then offering his help to friends needing to rebuild.

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