Children with disabilities learn how to ride a bike

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - It’s a simple pleasure that most kids learn early in life, but for parents of children with a disability, teaching their child how to ride a bike is nearly impossible.

That’s where “I Can Bike Camp’ steps in—this week, over two dozen children with disabilities will learn how to ride a two wheeler.

Campers start out training with the help of volunteers on a bike with a roller. 

Once they get the hang of it, the next stop is the parking lot, where they switch to a regular bike and ride on their own.

“I’m beyond astounded. 48 hours ago, a bike could have been like him driving a HumVee. Now, today, he's riding a bike within two sessions. It’s insane. It’s incredible and I saw another little girl inside do the same thing this morning,” said Jennifer Pastore, whose son is in the camp.

The CNY chapter of Autism Society is hosting the camp and say 80 percent of campers will be able to ride a bike by the end of the week.

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