Comparing the Turning Stone Casino with the new del Lago Casino: Your Stories

WSYR-TV - Viewers headed out to local casinos this weekend wanted to know the differences between the new del Lago Casino and 24-year-old Turning Stone Casino. 

Here’s a comparison, keeping in mind turning stone has a 24-year head start.

When the renovation is done at Turning Stone, they'll have about 1,700 slot machines and 85 gaming tables. del Lago has 2,000 slot machines and 89 gaming tables.

There are eight sit-down restaurants and the Exit 33 complex with Lava Nightclub at Turning Stone. del Lago has two restaurants and another bar. Both offer food courts, but Turning Stone's is double the size.

Turning stone wins the hotel battle— 707 rooms over four properties, an RV park and two spas. del Lago's hotel and spa opens this summer with 205 rooms. Turning Stone also has five golf courses and a sports-plex.

For entertainment, the event center at turning stone holds 5,000. del Lago can seat 2,400 in the Vine.

Here are is list of what’s available to you at each casino:


Turning Stone

TS Steakhouse
Peach Blossom
Upstate Tavern
Tin Rooster
Season's Harvest
Exit 33 & Lava

del Lago

Portico by Fabio Viviani
The Vine
Farmers Market Buffet


Turning Stone

(707 rooms)
The Lodge
The Tower
The Hotel
The Inn
The Villages RV Park
Skana Spa
Ahsi Day Spa
Five Golf Courses
Sports Plex

del Lago

(205 rooms)
Opening This Summer
Spa and Cafe

When Brent Stevens, the co-owner of del Lago, was asked if there was something he thinks del Lago does better than the Turning Stone, he said, “we’ll let the customers tell us.”

The CEO of Oneida Indian Nation Enterprises, Ray Halbritter, said, “we’ve always had competition, we knew that would be competition, we had already been in competition. It’s just the way business is, you just got to do better.”

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