Cortland family receives $4,000 in unclaimed funds

CORTLAND, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Richard Cecconi has never considered himself to be a lucky guy, but watching the news last week with his wife Chris led him to a long forgotten jackpot of his own money.

NewsChannel 9 aired a special live report from New York State’s unclaimed funds center when Cecconi decided to see if anything would turn up in his name.

“We called immediately following the newscast,” Chris Cecconi, Richard’s wife, said. “And it was hard to get through, but we persisted.”

Once the Cecconi’s found out exactly how much money was in their name, they were shocked. $4,000 dollars turned up in Richard’s name from an old bank account they didn’t remember existed.

The Cecconi’s will use the money to pay some bills and fly their kids and families, who live as far away as Minnesota, back home to Cortland.

And after his experience, Richard thinks everyone should check to see if they have any unclaimed funds.

“There’s absolutely nothing to lose,” he said. “And everything to gain, especially in my case.”

To see if you have any unclaimed funds, click here or call the state Comptroller’s office at 1-800-221-9311.

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