Custom rock pools

Uniting your pool with the natural landscape and features of your home takes careful planning. In addition to building traditional pools, many designers like to create what's known as a 'negative edge effect'. This often involves using natural or simulated rock or stone to blend your pool in with the surrounding landscape and architecture. Your pool builder, landscape architect, or rockscape designer, can examine your yard and work to create a project plan that achieves a harmonious balance between your pool, house, yard, patio area, and rock or stone work. Custom rock pools are pleasing to the senses, and can even raise the value of your property. Most importantly, they can transform a harsh urban environment into a beautiful country setting or tropical paradise. Additional accessories such as waterfalls, fountains, custom lightening, and greenery or color, can be used to accent your rockscape, providing an even more vibrant and exciting show. For more information about custom rock pools, contact a pool builder in your area.

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