Street Cents FINAL Standings Spring 2013

Congratulations to the Flaming Butterflies from Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES this semesters winners of Street Cents.
Congratulations to the Flaming Butterflies from Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES this semester's winners of Street Cents
Flaming Butterflies - Cayuga Onondaga BOCES $115,235.08
We be stocking - North Syracuse$114,795.92
Afternoon Freshmen - Cayuga Onondaga BOCES$113,629.96
Stech’s Stockers - Skaneateles HS$111,781.10
Wolfgang Hoagies - DeRuyter CS$111,747.67
Skaneateles Sawbucks - Skaneateles HS$110,901.63
Baconater $ Maker--Belleville Henderson Cs$110,366.89
NOOObody cares - Oneida CSD$109,600.22
GEEK SQUAD - Sackets Harbor$109,535.93
MAN up - Oneida HS$109,096.74
Purple Pride Warriors - Hannibal$108,792.97
Team Mitochondria - Homer Jr. HS$108,146.55
USA - Cato-Meridian MS$107,879.53
No cloud on a sony day - Oneida HS$107,797.43
Ballerz - Oneida CSD$107,542.08
Dinomolishers - Oneida CSD$107,486.80
Bear Investments - Chittenango HS$107,257.29
T.  Burglers – Cayuga Onondaga BOCES$107,234.88
Ain’t Somebody Got Time For Stocks - North Syracuse$106,975.35
Baby Belugas - DeRuyter CS$106,335.74
Otto Armies - Oneida CSD$106,093.44
Nerds – Cayuga Onondaga BOCES$105,598.50
Pretty, pretty, Princesses - Marcelllus HS$105,311.75
Weedsport Greenbacks - Weedsport Jr Sr HS$105,132.74
MT Cosby - DeRuyter CS$104,980.33
$$Billionaires$$ - Minetto ES$104,835.73
The Random Successful Funds - Liverpool$104,668.86
Dolphins - Vernon Verona Sherrill$104,668.03
Team Green - Baldwinsville$104,326.44
The PowerPuff Girls - Homer Jr. HS$104,273.50
Brilliant Billions - Minetto ES$104,221.49
7th Grade Incorporated - Cato-Meridian MS$104,184.19
Pool 7AC - Liverpool$104,174.84
Visitors - Oneida HS$104,138.22
Contemporary 7BD - Liverpool $103,868.68
Bulla's Stocks - Cato-Meridian MS$103,842.13
Pool 3BD - Liverpool$103,628.75
Bald Team - Oneida CSD$103,624.44
Crows - Bishop Ludden$103,107.39
AUTOBOT$ - Sackets Harbor$103,093.92
Goddess of Victory - Oneida HS$102,905.83
McEvoy Maniacs - OCM BOCES$102,872.90
The Ciaricians - North Syracuse$102,817.83
Team Big Bucks - Homer Jr. HS$102,740.20
Lpool Warriors - Liverpool HS$102,646.94
Hillside MSD - Auburn$102,292.85
Money Bags - Onondaga Central$102,100.65
Morning Middle Schoolers - Cayuga Onondaga BOCES$101,831.51
The Warriors - Vernon Verona Sherrill$101,642.60
Morning Freshmen - Cayuga Onondaga BOCES$101,603.27
Solvay High Period 2 - Solvay HS$101,507.12
McSham ROX - Oneida HS$101,450.72
Rockin' Radfords - Liverpool$101,347.01
Radford's Rebels - Liverpool$101,307.63
Radford's Maniacs - Liverpool$101,074.59
The Senior Springers - Union Springs CSD$101,034.97
Pirates - Bishop Ludden$100,752.01
Money Robbers - Minetto ES$100,477.41
ATOMS 4th Period - Syr Academy Of Science$100,287.35
The Algebraic Investors - Baldwinsville$100,243.46
Prestige World Wide - Solvay HS$100,206.10
Capital Puni$ment - Solvay HS$100,184.69
Mr. Sweeney's Red Rams - Jamesville Dewitt MS$99,890.65
Mr. Sweeney's Red Rams - Jamesville Dewitt MS$99,890.65
Hamilton Emerald Knight$ - Hamilton Central$99,853.24
PiggyBankerz-Belleville Henderson$99,698.42
The First Blockers - Liverpool HS$99,485.25
Team BP - Homer Jr. HS$99,253.04
Stock Rockers - Fabius Pompey$98,969.20
ATOMS 3rd Period - Syr Academy Of Science$98,735.16
Currency Shore - Solvay HS$98,589.79
Red Pandas - Bishop Ludden$98,467.57
Low Expectations - Cayuga Onondaga BOCES $98,295.35
Stock Busters - Fabius Pompey$97,716.07
Minetto Buckaroos - Minetto ES$97,597.44
ATOMS 5th Period - Syr Academy Of Science$96,132.04
Purple Walruses - Union Springs CSD$96,095.84
Devils - Vernon Verona Sherrill$95,852.10
The Blue Devils - Pulaski ES$95,384.95
Falcons - Fabius-Pompey $94,575.98
YMCMB - Liverpool HS$91,748.63
Funky D - Homer Jr. HS$91,145.32
Firecrackers - Auburn Jr HS$90,532.40
Maroon Raccoons - DeRuyter CS$90,398.83
Mustache Chicks - Cato-Meridian MS$85,202.39

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