Customizing your security system

If you're thinking about a home security system, there are many options available to give you the type and amount of protection for your particular needs. Standard contacts are units installed on windows and doors to signal when these entrances are opened. These generally come in various sizes and colors such as brown, white, ivory, or gray. There are also specialty contacts you can use outside, on safes, or for high-security areas. For windows you want to keep open at times and still set the alarm, two contacts can be used. Plunger switches can be used instead of contacts. These fit into the sill or frame and are sealed when the window or door is closed. Deciding on which doors and windows to install contacts on depends on how these are accessed and how much money you have to spend. Placing contacts on all accessible doors and windows is the most secure way. You can also apply contacts to air conditioning units which are accessible from outside and could be stolen. Glass break detectors can be adhered to windows and sound an alert if the glass is broken. There are also audio detectors which can detect sounds or vibrations from broken glass. Window detectors can be installed in the form of a screen, which will alert the system if the screen is cut. For your interior, you can detect intruders with motion sensors, floor mats, stress detectors, and door contacts. You might also opt for a panic device, which allows you to alert your system if you're inside in an emergency. Similarly, a medical alert can be worn around your neck on a chain and can activate the system if you have a medical emergency. You can also choose to add detectors for water leaks or carbon monoxide gas. For more information on customizing your home security system, contact a security company in your area.

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