Dave Longley's Blog: The never ending rain

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Boy, this has to be the wettest summer ever.  Wrong.  So very wrong.

It has seemingly been raining everyday.  Actually, we’ve had at least some rain on 51% of the days this summer. 

Rainfall this year is 2 and three-quarters above last year’s total since June 1.

I think the amazing number is that since January 1, we’re 10 inches above normal precipitation since January 1st and 11 inches above last year’s amount.  Remember last year’s drought?  This year’s rainfall has pretty much erased that talk.


In spite of all this, our 7.61” of rain since June 1 is waaaaaaaaaaaaay below the wettest summer in Syracuse of 23.18” set in 1922.

A recent wet summer (just 2 years ago) was 2015, when we had 15.20” which was the 10th wettest June-August period in Syracuse.

That’s a lot of numbers. 

What I’m trying to say is that the wet weather this summer is nowhere near the wettest ever. 

I think when you look at the last 3 years:  we had a wet pattern (interruption of outdoor plans) a dry pattern last year (you could do pretty much anything you wanted without fear of wet weather) to this year’s wet setup (with lots of inconvenient rains)

You’re right to feel like you’ve been run through the meteorological wringer.

It’s weird.  Even though I’m not forecasting daily on television, I still feel very connected to the weather.  It bothers you.  It bothers me, when outdoor plans don’t work out.

I guess I don’t get the grief as much when the weather doesn’t pan out the way you like it.  That’s good.

Like you, I’d like to string a few dry days together though.  My vacation is coming up.

You can always contact me at davelongley@localsyr.com with comments and questions.

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