David Letterman pays tribute to Robin Williams

David Letterman added his tribute to his friend ...

David Letterman added his tribute to his friend and fellow comedian Robin Williams on Monday night's "The Late Show" by showcasing a montage of the actor's appearances on his show.

Williams died Aug. 11 at the beginning of a week of "The Late Show" repeats, and when Letterman returned to air on Monday night, he dedicated a 10-minute segment to the late star.

Letterman spoke about his 38-year friendship with Williams, revealing the actor cast him in an episode of his TV comedy "Mork & Mindy."

"Even in the old days, he was kind enough to ask me to appear on the 'Mork & Mindy' show. He did it only because he was trying to help other fledgling, starting-out comics... Robin was kind of enough to invite me on because he thought, 'Why can't I spread this around to my friends?' And that's exactly what he did."

Williams appeared on "The Late Show" more than 50 times.

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