Establishing a new lawn

The best time to plant grass is in the late summer or early fall when the soil and climate are generally warm, the nights are cool, and rainfall is adequate. The second best time is in early spring. Seeds planted in early autumn give your lawn a head start against summer weeds and hot weather problems, such as the lawn disease brownpatch. The cold winter months bring changes within the seeds that cause the grass to root more quickly when warm weather arrives. A lawn started in spring may need extra watering if the weather is continually dry or hot. Be sure that you choose a grass that is suitable for your region of the country. Planting a mixture of seeds will assist growth and is beneficial when beginning a lawn. Also, choose seeds that have an eighty percent or higher rate of germination [GER-MI-NAY-SHUN]. For more information on beginning a new lawn, consult a lawn care professional.

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