Flat roofs

Flat roofs have little, if any, pitch to them. They have their own unique problems since they do not shed snow or water as easily as a pitched, shingle roof. Built-up roofing is generally used on flat roofs with a pitch of two inches or less. Because of the equipment and skills required to lay a satisfactory built-up roof, a well-qualified roofing contractor should be hired to do the work. Using a professional contractor will also help to ensure the roof is watertight. Built-up roofing consists of several layers of roofing felts laid between coatings of hot tar or asphalt. The top is surfaced with gravel or crushed rock. The base layer of a flat roof is roofing felt which is securely attached and followed with applications of hot tar or hot asphalt. More felt is laid down, again followed by more hot tar or asphalt. The crushed rock or gravel is embedded in the final coating of tar or asphalt. For more information on flat roofs, contact a roofing specialist.

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