Study: Trauma from bullying carrying into adulthood

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - Bullying and name calling has been around forever but a new study shows the trauma leads to depression and anxiety that victims can carry for life.

With the problem getting worse more schools are starting to step in.

On Wednesday, Bishop Ludden Junior Senior High School held a seminar with pro-wrestler turned motivational speaker Marc Mero.

The school's anti-bullying club, run by students, organized the event.

“I don't like it… nobody likes to be picked on,” said Julianna Bullis, a senior and member of Bishop Ludden High School’s anti-bullying club. “It’s hurtful.”

A new study out of the UK found children who were bullied were 70% more likely to experience depression and five times more likely to be diagnosed with anxiety than kids who suffered child abuse.

Researchers also discovered the trauma continues long after school.

“It leads onto relationships, to marriages to divorces,” said Mero.

Mero encourages kids being bullied to turn to peers, teachers or counselors for help and support.

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