What's Going Around: Our weekly check of local doctors' offices for June 14

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - NewsChannel 9's weekly What's Going Around report checks in with Central New York doctors to find out what illnesses they've been treating.

SYRACUSE: Brighton Hill Pediatrics is seeing lots of patients with your typical allergy symptoms, watery eyes, and congestion. They’re also seeing tick bites, strep throat and some people with the stomach flu.

LIVERPOOL: Summerwood Pediatrics is seeing lots of people with seasonal allergies, others suffering from asthma, summer colds and a viral illnesses with a fever and sore throat.

CAMILLUS: Pediatrics Associates is stressing that they’re seeing a lot of kids with rashes, the viral rash fifth disease is usually accompanied with a sore throat and slight fever and can be highly contagious. Also strep throat, allergies, once again due to the weather and a lot of summer related injuries as more kids head outside.

PULASKI: Dr. Carguello is seeing kids and adults with tick bites. The bites are tough to see, but are usually accompanied by a rash, headache and weakness. Also allergies, a kid's stomach bug and sinus related illnesses.

OSWEGO: At the Fulton Urgent Care, a lot of sore throats with cough and allergies

AUBURN: Upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, cases of the common cold, sinusitis and viral sore throat. Allergies and poison ivy as well.

What’s Going Around is our way of letting you know what illnesses are out there. Your own doctor can tell you about the best treatments.


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