How much does the average person spend on Valentine's Day?

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Valentine’s Day is coming up, and the National Retail Federation has some new numbers on how much the average person spends on the holiday.

They say about 55 percent of Americans celebrated the holiday last year, spending a record $147.84 on gifts for friends, family members, or partners.

As a nation, Americans spent approximately $20 billion.

This year, the NRF anticipates that the average person will spend a little less - $136.57.

By far the most popular gift is candy – with 49.7 percent planning on spending money on it.

The second most popular expense, according to the NRF, is greeting cards at 46.9 percent, followed by an evening out at 36.6 percent.

For more statistics on Valentine’s Day expenses, visit

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