Individual containerized storage

There are several issues to consider when choosing a storage facility. First, evaluate the amount of storage space you'll need and investigate what is available at the facility. Measure the largest items to be stored for an estimate of how much space you'll need. Next, consider the cost and traveling distance to and from the storage facility. Also check the facility for cleanliness and sound management, including good security. Pay particular attention to any signs of poor sanitation, pests, and mildew, all of which are hazards to your possessions. And finally, check any references made available to you and talk to other customers. Many professional moving companies offer secured warehouse storage for their customers. It is a good idea to visit the warehouse, and most reputable moving companies will be pleased to show you their facilities. Check for cleanliness and lack of debris, as both can prevent insect or rodent infestation. In addition, ask about the company's pest prevention program, climate control systems, security systems and automatic sprinklers. For more information about individual containerized storage, please contact a moving company in your area.

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