Jurors continue to deliberate in Percoco case

NEW YORK (WTEN-TV) - -  Jurors are still deciding on a verdict in the corruption case of Joseph Percoco and three businessmen.

Still no verdict in the case, as jurors deliberate a 10-count indictment of charges including bribery extortion and conspiracy.

It’s clear jurors have their work cut off for them, deliberating in the trial of Joseph Percoco, one of Governor Cuomo’s former top aides.

The jury has been pouring over a trove of evidence like emails, bank records and hundreds of hours of testimony about whether Percoco sold his influence in state government.

The business executives on trial with him – are accused of bribing Percoco for state grants, allegedly disguising checks through middle men.

So far, the jury has asked the judge for clarification on an extortion count.

They asked whether Percoco needed to be a public official during the entire time of the alleged crime.

In 2014, Percoco was off the state payroll for eight months to manage Governor Cuomo’s re-election campaign.

His attorney Barry Bohrer says they remain optimistic and are still in the hunt.

“It’s always a dangerous thing to start reading notes from the jury in that way but I think it is a sign that the jury’s carefully following the arguments we made and the instructions the judge gave them,” Bohrer said.

During deliberations, the jury passed judge a note asking to leave early at 4:30 p.m. because of inclement weather.

Deliberations will continue next week.

This post initially appeared on News10.com

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