Keeping your home and valuables safe during holiday vacations

CICERO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Are you heading out of town for the holidays? Cicero Police Officer Ashley Smith is reminding homeowners that there are important steps you should take before you hit the road to make sure a burglar doesn't hit your house.

The holidays are a prime time for thieves to steal electronics, jewelry and gadgets. Is there a safe place to hide your valuables while you're gone?

"I would highly suggest not leave it in the sock drawer, everyone tends to leave it in the area. If you can get a safe and I suggest you bolt the safe down to the ground," says Officer Smith.

Burglars will look for vacancy signs, so be sure to let a neighbor know you're not going to be home for the holidays. 

Ask someone not just to watch your house, but make it look like you're home. Be sure they collect mail, newspaper and shovel sidewalks and pull up in your driveway.  

"That means they'll leave tire tracks in the driveway, something to keep them from saying okay this property hasn't been entered in a few days," says Smith.

 Every day you are gone, Cicero Police can put you on their property checklist.

"Our volunteers will go out and actually physically check your property that  the doors are locked and no one is on your property. It is also a heightened awareness for our community that they see all these patrol cars in the area checking residence," says Smith.

Most local police departments offer the vacation security checks on your home as a free service.

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