Kickoff summer on the right foot

(BPT) - With summer here, it's time for boots and heavy shoes to go into the back of the closet as we make way for strappy sandals and flip-flops. From walking on the beach to patio parties to lounging by the pool and hiking on vacation, you want your feet to be comfortable and ready for every summer activity.

But after a long winter, your feet may not be looking or feeling their best. The colder months can be harsh on feet causing everything from corns and calluses to dry skin and brittle nails. Feet can often be overlooked during our daily beauty routine, but they shouldn't be. Healthy and comfortable feet are the foundation of a healthy body. And, when your feet look beautiful and feel comfortable, you'll feel great too.

"You may not think about your feet that often, but they're an essential part of almost everything you do," says Jane Cappaert, head of devices, research and development for Dr. Scholl's. "Whether walking, running, exercising, or just being out with friends this summer, having feet that are comfortable and well-cared for will make a huge difference. Knowing how to care for them is key to feeling good and looking good."

There are several ways to care for your feet and help get them ready for their debut in the sun. If your tootsies are in need of a little TLC, here are some simple steps to get them healthy and looking their best in a flash:

Head off corns and calluses

Thick calluses and corns occur from shoe pressure or friction, often on top or between the toes. They can be uncomfortable and unsightly - certainly nothing you want showing when wearing sandals or going barefoot in the backyard. Dr. Scholl's(R) One Step Corn Remover removes corns fast, with as few as two treatments. Application is easy and the clear bandage stays on all day, discreetly. With your corns removed, you can feel confident in open-toe shoes this summer.

Get a pedicure

A professional pedicure can take feet from winter rough to summer beautiful in no time at all. Men, this tip pertains to you as well. Pedicures trim the nails and remove the roughened skin around the heels and toes, making your feet look and feel great to the touch. A polish of any color - even clear - will make your toenails neat and trim.

Lock in moisture

Rubbing your feet with lotion on a daily basis can help keep the skin soft and younger-looking. It also provides an opportunity to inspect your feet for blisters, sores or bumps so you can take care of any issues before they get worse.

Great footwear

Now that you've taken care of your feet, it's time to show them off. If you plan on purchasing a new pair of summer shoes, remember when breaking them in that rubbing and irritation can cause blisters. Dr. Scholl's Blister Treatment helps heal and prevent blisters while staying comfortably in place. Choose comfortable footwear with support - especially if you plan to be active and on your feet. A fun pair of open-toe sandals offers great style, while flip-flops are relaxed and easy. And, of course, if the opportunity presents itself to go barefoot, enjoy the sand or grass between your toes with confidence.

Kickoff summer on the right foot. With these simple steps your feet will look and feel great, and you can flaunt them in the sun all summer long. For more information visit: or

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