Local 97-year-old Pearl Harbor vet honored by President Trump

President Donald Trump honored six Pearl Harbor veterans on the anniversary of the attack-- one of them a Central New York native.

On this day 76 years ago, over 2,000 Americans were killed in a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. The attack launched the United States into World War II. 

97-year-old Larry Parry, of Baldwinsville, was 21 when he was stationed in Oahu with the Army. Last year, he told NewsChannel 9 that he was set to be discharged on Dec. 9. 

With the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, he ended up serving two extra years. 

"Today, as we Remember Pearl Harbor, it was an incredible honor to be joined with surviving Veterans of the attack on 12/7/1941. They are HEROES, and they are living witnesses to American History. All American hearts are filled with gratitude for their service and their sacrifice," the President tweeted on Thursday.

President Trump then went around the room, addressing each veteran. 

Trump said the following about Parry, according to a transcript of the event

"Very brave guy.  Lawrence Parry carried ammunition to the gunners. In thinking about the lessons of Pearl Harbor, Larry said he hopes 'we can build up the military again.' We are building up the military beyond what you ever thought. It got depleted. You know what happened over the last quite long period of time, but not with us. Our budget is now going to be higher than ever before. We're building it up again. And we'll do it in your honor. Okay? We're building it up. The best equipment in the world -- we make it. And we're supplying it in very big numbers. Thanks. Thanks. And we're doing a job."

The President signed a proclamation for National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on the 76th anniversary. 

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