18 months later, Route 48 repairs begin in Oswego with one more detour

CITY OF OSWEGO (WSYR-TV) - When part of State Route 48 along the Oswego River cracked open several months ago, northbound visitors suddenly found barricades and a detour leading right into a local city councilor's neighborhood.

"When we had those big rains, it basically saturated the ground and caused the whole side of that hill to slide down toward the river," recalls Robert Corradino, the councilor for Oswego's seventh ward.

That happened in February 2016.

On August 21, 2017 both lanes of the highway will be closed for construction crews to finally dig in and finish repairs.

According to Mayor Billy Barlow, in order to stabilize the road crews will need to move part of Route 48 several feet to the west, away from the slope, with new concrete reinforcements.

Unable to afford the fix, the city's mayor asked for state and federal help.

"They said, 'Well, we will offer some assistance here monetarily as well as engineering and other ways, but you are going to have to wait because our construction season has already been determined for 2016,'" Corradino explains.

The choice would leave northbound traffic blocked for more than a year.

The advantage of waiting? Instead of shouldering the entire cost, Corradino says taxpayers in the city of Oswego will ultimately pay for 5%.

"The total cost as it's projected, between the engineering and construction costs, is about $1.8-million. So, if you do the math, 5% is about $90,000," he adds.

W.D. Malone Trucking and Excavating in Hannibal won the bid for the work a few weeks ago.

Corradino says the city will have to juggle funds to cover the cost until the D.O.T. supplies a reimbursement.

When both lanes are closed Monday, he knows it will bring more traffic and complaints to his doorstep, until the work is done.

"Well, as a resident of the area and a neighbor to a lot of the people there....can't wait," he says.

City officials expect the work to be done by December.

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