An easy homemade solution to view the Eclipse

SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) - If you weren’t able to grab the official glasses that meet the requirements to view the solar eclipse, there is an easy solution to still witness the event.

The solution? Using a pinhole viewer.

All you need is a couple pieces of paper, a couple paper plates or even some cardboard.

Take one of the pieces of paper and put it on the ground. Take the other piece of paper and poke a hole through it using a pin.

After that’s done, position yourself so your back is to the sun. Remember, don’t look directly at the sun during the eclipse (or ever for that matter).

Move the piece of paper with the pinhole at an angle over the paper on the ground so as to project the image of the sun onto the paper that’s been placed on the ground.

Come Monday, during the eclipse, you will see the moon crossing the sun safely on the paper on the ground.

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