Auburn company expanding into new field and plans for growth

Currier Plastics adding medical products and planning 3-year, $9.9M expansion

AUBURN, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - An Auburn company known for making various health and beauty bottles is growing a new sector of its business.

Currier Plastics continues to make things like hotel shampoo bottles and tops but has added medical products to its portfolio. 

Currier Vice President of Business Development, Ron Ringleben, says, "With every project we do its all custom, so every single project is brand new, may look similar and have similar features but everything we do is different for our customers everyday." 

They say the core of Currier is the people, nimble and responsive with a personal touch offering customers a full solution under one roof, starting with the design room.

Lindsay Cronkright, Director of Finance and IT at Currier Plastics, says "Here's what the customer wants, have they thought of this, what if we gave them A and B, added some automation on our side, have they thought of a different type of resin, what colors do they want or what texture are they looking for."

"From melting the plastic the right way, to getting the right mold to shape the plastic, to closing the part the right way so the hinges work, and the automation that makes all that happen, its much more than what it looks like a plastic component."  Ringleben adds.

Currier is able to change out different molds, many costing between $300-400 thousand each, to execute every order.  

The company has changed out many of its older machines for new electric ones to provide for consistent precision.

Currier Plastics Director of Manufacturing Ray McKee says, "When we purchased this machine the motions were very smooth it was easy for us to keep the machine up, consistency is what it really comes down to."

It is that quality precision and consistency he says that the medical market needs when looking for vendors.

"We're assembling tubes into a package that we make for the medical device industry.  We put it on a conveyor to do some basic assembly inspection.  We're doing this so we can provide value and product to our customer while we build the full scale automation."  McKee tells NewsChannel 9.
Thanks to the medical market work Currier is developing a 3- year $9.9 million expansion plan.

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