Baby boy born in firehouse in Lyons

LYONS, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - Talk about an exciting, but overwhelming day for Scott Dwyer and his pregnant fiancee, Sally.

"She said oh, oh, oh I got to push," said Dwyer. "She started sweating real bad and started bleeding and I said, oh buddy." 

Sally unexpectedly went into labor nearly a month sooner than she was supposed to. 

"We got the 11-year-old up first because the 20 month year old is sleeping in bed," said Dwyer. 

Dwyer and their kids raced to the car to carefully place Sally in the back seat. They rushed to the nearest hospital. 

"Here I am speeding like I shouldn't be and just before we come over the canal, she was doing her breathing all the way over the bridge and she said I got to push and I said oh no you don't got to push yet," said Dwyer. 

A frantic moment that suddenly took a pit stop at the Lyons Fire Department. It was only a matter of minutes before their new baby was ready to enter the world. 

"I run into the fire house and I said 'Jonny, I need an ambulance now, my fiancee is in labor'," said Dwyer. 

EMS crews and the Lyons Fire Department quickly stepped in. Patty Pierson was one of them.

"When we got there, we saw a female on her hands and knees and she was screaming the baby is coming. So we're like oh ok," said Pierson. 

Matters quickly escalated. 

"When we realized the head was coming out, we're like nope we're going to deliver right here so everyone was rushing around trying to get the birthing kit together and get some blankets in the vehicle and get her rolled over on her back," said Pierson. 

It was in that moment, the baby was ready. Dwyer's fiancee gave birth less than five minutes after arriving at the fire house. Dwyer and his fiancee were taken to Newark Wayne Community Hospital, where their new baby was evaluated. A healthy baby boy. 

"He weighed 6 pounds, 15 ounces and he was 19 inches long. He got a head full of hair," said Dwyer.

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