Boilermaker brings community together after record Utica flooding

UTICA (WSYR-TV) - In 40 years, crowds at the Boilermaker have never felt more than a few drops of rain. 

But flooding in Utica last week- some of the worst in the city's history- was very much on their minds on Sunday. 

"You know it's been a tragedy with all the flooding," Tony Leone, who lives in Utica, said while watching the race. "It's affected a lot of people." 

In the weeks and months ahead, homes will be repaired and streets re-paved. But folks say the Boilermaker will play one of the biggest roles in rebuilding their spirits. 

"Watching it, you can see how much the community comes together," Betsy Chaffee, another spectator, said. 

The 14,500 participants who ran in this year's 15k portion of the race, was one of the largest ever.

"It's good to see someone put a smile on their face and running," Mary Jane Salatino, who has attended most Boilermakers over the past four decades, said. "They let all their problems release. And they're just concentrated on running and getting to where they're supposed to be." 


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