Bracelet can help bring wandering Alzheimer's patients back home

The Alzheimer’s Association has partnered with the Medic Alert Foundation to create a program that can help someone with dementia get home safely if they wander.

Six in 10 individuals with Alzheimer's will wander at some point during the disease process. The MedicAlert Safe Return was created for that purpose: it’s a bracelet that has an identification number and phone number so if someone does wander, a Good Samaritan would be able to call and make sure the individual can get home.

The service offers 24-hour assistance-- and it can be used anywhere in the nation.

A walk to end Alzheimer’s is happening on Saturday, Sept. 30 at the SRC Arena on the OCC Campus.

Registration begins at 8 a.m. There’s no registration fee, although people are encouraged to donate to the cause.

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