Businesses react to Marshall Street shakeup

Some upset, while others say the loss could be their gain

Syracuse, NY (WSYR-TV) - Maybe you were at the movies on Friday, or out to dinner with your family, but if you're an SU student, Friday nights are typically spent on Marshall Street.
But the home to legendary student hangouts is headed for a major shakeup. 
Appethaizing is one of the many businesses that will have to go to make way for a new eight-story building that will bring a mix of apartments and stores.
"I understand that we have to move on with a new life, but this is impacting a lot of my coworkers, this is the place that they can work and earn some extra money to pay for their bills." said Naritsara Poochocki, Appethaizing shift manager.
Not everyone thinks that way; right up the hill at Faegan's Café and Pub, they're ready to welcome the change; it's a loss they believe could be actually be a gain.
"[Business] tends to drop off a little bit, [and then] a lot of people going to Chuck's and the Orange Straight, so hopefully, with them closing down, we can absorb, inherit their customers," said Matthew Hayes, bar manager.
Change could be coming soon; word is construction on the project could get started as early as next month.

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