B'ville Bees set goal for bigger hockey locker room, renovations

Former Bee makes $10K donation to get fundraising underway

LYSANDER (WSYR-TV) - For years, the Baldwinsville Bees varsity hockey team has been lacing up in a locker room that’s barely bigger than a penalty box.

The locker room is so small – head coach Mark Lloyd says he keeps the space and number of lockers in mind each year when he’s setting the roster.

“Every locker is taken. It gets a little tight,” Lloyd said. “There’s no room for coaches in here so our office is across the way.”

The locker room, inside the Lysander Ice Arena, was last upgraded about eight years ago.

It was a project the team was grateful for, but with a roster of around 30 kids each year, it’s time to lace up in bigger digs.

The bags are all over the floor," Lloyd said. "It gets really tight. How they get out the door without tripping and falling over each other, I don’t really know.”

Coaches and parents are drafting plans for a renovation that will run about $35,000. Former bee Eric Schneider, class of ’88, has already gotten the team a third of the way with a generous donation – $10,000.

“I always say to my kids, never forget where you came from and Eric is the epitome of that. He’s never forgotten where he’s come from,” said Dave Monaco, a B’ville Hockey parent. He played for the bees well before we were here.”

Lloyd agrees and says this donation means a lot to the entire team.

“For him to give back to his community, his former team is just so appreciated and we’re very thankful," Lloyd shared. "I don’t know that he knows how big a deal this will be for us.”

Other fundraising efforts are already underway, but the main event is a golf tournament set for June 25 at Beaver Meadows in Phoenix.

Right now, the main goal is to expand the locker room for more space and remove any barriers so the team and coaches can communicate better. Plus, a connecting hallway will allow for a female member of the varsity squad to be closer to the main locker room.

However, coach is always thinking of more ways to enhance the team experience.

“I don’t know if it’s in the budget right now but we’d love to get a little area to show, project game film on," Lloyd said. "Just so many advantages that…you know things we could do between games, before periods, before practices.”

While many changes will happen with the renovation, some things will stay the same.

A few tributes to former senior captain Bobby Conklin will remain as the renovations are completed. Conklin was killed in a car crash on his way to the rink almost 12 years ago when.

"That will always be there," said Lloyd of the tributes to Conklin. Honoring his memory has become a Bees tradition.

The team is welcoming donations and continuing plans for the golf tournament. 

For more information and to register for the golf tournament, email dmonaco@nysutmail.org.    

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