Camillus police officer replaces stolen bike for 27-year old with autism

CAMILLUS (WSYR-TV) - On any given day, you're likely to find Chris Simmons riding his bike through the streets of Camillus. It helps him feel something he's been working towards his whole life: independence.

The 27-year old has a form of high functioning autism. His daily errands to the grocery or bank give him a sense of purpose.

"It's important to make him feel like he's contributing and not dependent on people," Chris' mother, Patty, said.

But one day, on the way to one of his errands, Chris couldn't find his bike. It went missing and he started to panic.

When he went to the Camillus Police Department to file a report, he met officer Matt Cobb.

"It was hard for him to even stand up," Cobb said. "He couldn't even comprehend what was going on. And just shaking."

For the first time, Chris started to realize he would probably never see his bike ever again. But a few days, later, Officer Cobb surprised him with a new bike he bought with money from the PBA.

"He was taken by it," Officer Cobb said. "The bike meant to him more than a normal person I think."

Chris has already put his bike to good use. He started riding it a couple hours after he got it.

And this time, he has a lock to go along with it as well, another gift from Officer Collins. 

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