Cleanup continues for campers at Brennan Beach

Strong winds cause damage to several campers

TOWN OF RICHLAND (WSYR-TV) - Cleanup continues for campers at Brennan Beach after strong wind over the past few days caused a mess at several camps along the shoreline. 

Wind gusts off of Lake Ontario exceeded 80 m.p.h. at one point Thursday, prompting the National Weather Service to issue a blizzard warning in the area. 
JR Van, who camps at Brennan Beach says he found extensive damage to several trailers.
Vann tells us the wind pushed some camps right off the ground, sending awnings and other debris into the air. 
"The one camper that had the most extensive damage was literally lifted anywhere between 6-8 feet in the air and twisted sideways and it slammed up against a tree and dropped straight down to the ground," said Vann. "With that I think was a chain reaction of the debris coming from that trailer hit other trailers."
Vann said crews tried to button up some of the camps to protect them from the rain, but the real cleanup and other repairs is set to begin Monday.

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