Catalytic converters stolen from auto dealer's cars

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - It's not always what's in your car that thieves are after. They might also be after a very important part of your car-- the catalytic converter.

About a dozen cars on a Syracuse auto shop lot had their catalytic converters cut out.

The converters contain several types of recyclable materials that can be easily scrapped for a quick buck. 

These thefts put owner Rafi Ahmad out $27,000.

“It's a small business, this never happen anything like that. I don't have insurance. It's a total loss. I'm still recovering and I could hardly sleep last night, so it's very difficult for me,” Ahmad said. 

He has since installed surveillance cameras at his shop.

There's no suspect information, but if you have anything could help police track down the thieves, give Syracuse Police detectives a call.

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