Central New York woman in the middle of Las Vegas gunfire

"You could hear the shots ricocheting off metal."

East Syracuse, NY (WSYR-TV) - A Canastota woman was among the thousands gathered for the country music festival in Las Vegas.

Yvonne Nirelli, her sister, and her friends made it out safely after a man opened fire on concert goers, killing 59 and injuring over 500.

"You really want to make sure to thank God that you're alive every day...not worry about the small stuff...because when you can go to something that's supposed to be fun and so innocent...you can feel like a fish in a barrel," said Nirelli.

The group of women were in Las Vegas celebrating her sister and her friend's 50th birthdays when the unthinkable happened.

"There was a bunch of men in the stadium seating where we were sitting that had yelled out 'that's not fireworks, it's gunshots,'" said Nirelli, "we saw Jason Aldean disappear from the stage and that's when the shooting opened."

Yvonne says her group worked alongside strangers to get out of the venue.

"There were so many men that helped so many people in the crowd trying to keep everybody calm and telling them to crawl when there were shots and then run when there weren't," said Nirelli.

All four of the women who attended the festival last night are safe; most of them will be flying back to Central New York tomorrow.

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