City of Oswego looking to take care of their stinky problem

City hall has received dozens of calls about skunks

Oswego, NY (WSYR-TV) - Dozens of neighbors have called Oswego City Hall demanding something be done about the skunks throughout the city and soon they may see some action.

The city is looking to spend $8,000 to trap skunks; the pesky animals are found across the city, not just in one specific area.

"Really our biggest concern is when skunks and other rodents burrow under garages and houses and then they stink up the houses, make a mess of the yard," said Mayor Billy Barlow, R-Oswego.

The Oswego Common Council will discuss the funding next week in a committee meeting and then vote on it on the 14th.  If the money goes through, traps should be out in mid-to-late august.

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