CNY natives brace for Irma impact at Florida homes

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - A lot of Central New Yorkers know someone impacted by Hurricane Irma.

It's a massive storm that's headed up the West coast of Florida. In its path was the University of South Florida and Liverpool native Maggie Tassone.

"It was pretty crazy to see because we have snowstorms and things like that, but going to the grocery store and seeing no water, no canned goods, no bread, nothing like that," said the college sophomore.

When Irma started heading West Tassone read email after email from her school. Classes were cancelled because it was time to leave Tampa and head for safety.

Tassone headed North, "I ended up going to Tallahassee to stay with friends of friends basically. I had to leave my home, I didn't have a chance to board up my windows or anything. I just put my stuff in my closet and left."

It's her first hurricane experience and she had no idea what to expect in the wake of this powerful storm. "If a window blows in or something like that, I could lose a lot of things," Tassone added. "Being a college student, everything I own is in that room so if it goes- it's gone.">

Further South in Winter Park, Florida, the day was filled with rain and wind outside Jamesville DeWitt graduate Jake Rowe's apartment.

"As the storm kind of got closer you kind of put your game face on and get a little bit more serious," Jake said. "Start preparing and making sure all your stuff is okay all your friends and family are taken care of who are down here and you kind of start to get nervous a little bit once the storm comes closer."

When the storm is over, Syracuse's Dawn Starratt plans to be ready to face the devastation outside her home in Jupiter, Florida.

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