CNY Valedictorians share their thoughts on their new life chapter

WSYR-TV - It’s that time of year again -- thousands of high school graduates across Central New York are getting ready to take the plunge into a new chapter in their life.

A group of 13 valedictorians stopped by Bridge Street on Thursday to share their thoughts on entering college and what they’ll miss most about high school.

"I think that for high school I'm definitely going to miss seeing all of my friends.  I've made really good relationships in high school and it's going to be really weird not seeing those people everyday,” said Lauren Ashby, a Nottingham High School grad headed to Sarah Lawrence College.

CBA’s Eric Little is headed to Duke University, and he says, "I'm going to Duke University so I'm going to miss the snow a lot. I'm going to miss skiing with my friends.  I'm just going to miss all of the people that have been really close to me and helped support me through this stage."

"I'd say definitely all the adventures and memories with friends.  Whether it be like sports or clubs or just hanging out,” said Dylan Ratnarajah of Oneida, headed to Cornell.

Cornell-bound Cara Smith, of Bishop Ludden, says "I'm just going to miss the people I've gotten to know and half-moons, because you can't really get them outside of Syracuse or Utica."

"I think I'm going to miss always having my Mom to read over my papers for me before I hand them in. It's always been a ritual that we've share,” said Georgetown-bound Baldwinsville grad, Renny Simone.

"I'm going to miss a lot of the people like my friends and my teachers. But I'm also going to miss some activities like young life and musicals and choir, said Chittenango grad Jennie McIntosh, who is going to RIT.

Solomon Lawrence, graduating from the Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central, recalls, “Just being a leader on the track team.  Over the last four years and over the last three years, I've been able to hold some leadership roles on the track team and just everyday after school, being able to go to track and lead warmups, lead stretches, just lead the team.” Lawrence is headed to Cornell.

"I've gone to the same kind of school complex - the middle school and elementary school right next to my high school - for 13 years. I've always had a 5 minute walk to school everyday so it's going to be a little weird, you know, living somewhere else and going to school somewhere else.  I'm going to school in Rhode Island which I honestly know nothing about so it will be a little bit of change but I'm pretty excited for it,” Signe Golash, a Corcoran grad going to Brown University.

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