CoreLife Eatery has major expansion plans in 2017 and beyond

Healthy eating restaurant plans to go from 8 locations to around 30 in 2017

NORTH SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - The popular CoreLife Eatery is well on the way for a major expansion in 2017.

The restaurant which started in North Syracuse in May of 2015 is already up to 8 locations and is looking at having 30 stores around the United State by the end of this year.

Besides North Syracuse CoreLife has three stores in the Rochester area, one each in New Hartford, Vestal, and two in Ohio one in Columbus the other near.

The chain is all about healthy lifestyle fast food of greens, grains and broth served quickly.

CoreLife Partner John Caveny tells NewsChannel 9, "We're trying to avoid the pitfalls of growing too fast, at the same time realizing that you know there's other companies coming into this market space so being early to it, you've got to take advantage of that as well."

Caveny says it’s about finding other markets with a customer base and staff that have similar traits to what core life has established in North Syracuse.

He says part of the partnership group includes people veteran in the field of restaurants with multiple locations and franchises.

CoreLife will open in Allentown Pennsylvania next week, with Ithaca in the coming weeks and then places like Florence Kentucky not far from Cincinnati, Lexington Kentucky, Pittsburgh and Toledo Ohio.

Caveny says, "I think right now it seems that a lot of people are coming to us.  On the franchise side we just opened that door at the beginning of this year and we've got a pretty big response and that community talks amongst each other quite a bit."

The first franchisee is an experienced restaurateur who will open her first of several Michigan locations this summer near Grand Rapids.

The second franchisee is also familiar to this field and will open in late summer a location in Salt Lake City Utah.

Caveny says, "You go to these new markets and new cities and they're like thank you for being here and that's pretty powerful."

Central New York fans a DeWitt location is still very much under consideration although the timing and location are not being released at this time.

Click here to learn more about CoreLife Eatery.


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