Cortland County Deputies facing new hard candy pot problem

Users both young and old

Cortland, NY - A warning from the Cortland County Sheriff's Office: marijuana-infused candy is ending up in the hands of people young and old. It's a trend that surfaced months ago, but is quickly becoming a worry.
"You can get it in lollipop form, it can be made into lollipop form, it can just be regular hard-candies type, it can be put into anything," said Lieutenant Todd Caufield, of the Criminal Investigation Unit.
Sheriff's deputies in Cortland County say marijuana-infused candy is the latest designer drug.
Ingesting marijuana in a candy-form affects the body differently; if you smoke pot, it's absorbed into the blood stream much faster.
"If one was to eat it, in a different type of form, like a candy, brownie, naturally it's going to last, it's going to affect the body slower, however it's going to stay with you longer," said Lt. Caufield.
Combine that with the fact that it's difficult to spot makes it appealing to all ages.
"That doesn't mean we're seeing it in every school, but to be undetected, it can be much more undetected in a candy form than it would if someone was carrying a bag of marijuana in their pocket," said Lt. Caufield.
Police say the users they've encountered have either bought the candy outside of the area or made it at home.
But if users are found with hard candy pot, deputies say there will be consequences, and depending on the circumstances, you could face a felony charge.
The Cortland County Sheriff's Office is working to train officers to recognize and deal with the problem.


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