Cross Lake neighbors seeking help with flooding

Homeowners say they're being left out

JORDAN, NY (WSYR-TV) - Worried families are still hard at work trying to protect neighborhoods from rising water levels on Lake Ontario, receiving help from the Army Corps of Engineers. The kind of help families are begging for on Cross Lake.

After almost a month, Cross Lake neighbors are still dealing with flooding.

“You can drive through it with a truck, but you can't drive through it with a car,” said Teri Vigars, Cross Lake.

Vigars says she and her neighbors need help, particularly, the helping hand she's seen given to neighbors on Lake Ontario.

“Yes they have waves, they have a lot of mess, but so do we! And nobody pays any attention to the situation we have here that we've been in for a month or more,” said Vigars.

Teri says the source of the problem is the Finger Lakes; water levels for the lakes are monitored by a variety of groups, ranging from municipalities to power companies. Excess water is poured into the Seneca River, which feeds into Cross Lake.

Seneca River and Cross Lake is a dumping ground for the Finger Lakes, so they don't flood terribly,” said Vigars, “we are five feet above normal levels here, no one else is, that's hugely frustrating.”

Cross Lake neighbors met with State Senator John DeFrancisco to talk about the flooding; they say it was productive and they're hoping to see results. The State Senator has yet to comment.

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