DA: Father who stole kids' donations keeps violating probation terms

Brandon Hinman is scheduled to return to court on Monday

AUBURN (WSYR-TV) - As Jenna Hinman spent her final moments of motherhood fighting cancer in 2014, strangers showed support to her newborn twins with major donations.

Prosecutors say that kindness was betrayed when her husband, Brandon Hinman, forged checks and took $45,000 from the fund.

"We wanted him to be clean and be a dad. He has chosen not to take either one of those routes. He has tried, but he has chosen not to," said Kim Blaisdell, Jenna's mother. "Right now, we want justice."

Two years ago, when Brendan Hinman asked for a chance to make it right, the judge agreed to a lighter sentence of six months in jail and five years probation...with clear rules.

"Things like going to court when he's supposed to, going to probation when he's supposed to, not using drugs, not committing new offenses, paying restitution, all of which he has violated," says Cayuga County District Attorney Jon Budelmann.

Arrested shortly after his first release from jail in 2015 for driving without a license, Hinman is now accused of using drugs and missing court appointments, according to the D.A.

"He's been in jail since May 15th and the judge is sitting on the probation violation trying to figure out what he should do," Budelmann explains. "Does he give him additional chances or does he stop? We're asking him to stop."

Budelmann says Hinman should face the prison time he could have gotten if he never accepted the lighter sentence with five years of probation.

Hinman has paid some restitution. But, Jenna's family says their pursuit of prison time is not about the money.

"If you keep letting him walk out the door and keep giving him a slap on the hand..." Blaisdell starts. "That's not justice. He needs to sit and he needs to realize what he has done."

The twins just celebrated their third birthdays. They do recognize pictures of their mom. Blaisdell says she still hopes they can build a positive relationship with their father someday.

Hinman's new attorney was contacted for a response, but said he prefers to spend more time with his client to review the case, before making any comments.

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