Dave Longley on why this year's hurricane season is not as unusual as you might think

SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) - The summer of 2017 has quickly become defined by several strong hurricanes making landfall in the United States, including storms like Harvey and Irma. 

But contrary to what you might think, we're not seeing any unusual amount of more hurricanes than in a typical year. 

"These storms happen all the time," Dave Longley, NewsChannel 9's former Chief Meteorologist and current Assistant News Director said. "But [since] they're over the ocean, no one cares about them. It just so happens, I know it may seem kind of callous, but our luck ran out." 

Longley said stronger Category 4 or 5 storms are happening more frequently, but we don't have enough data to pinpoint that to a specific reason like global warming. 

"There is no silver bullet to say 'Yes, it's happening,'" Longley said. "You have to look and the past and look at the present and try to draw conclusions."

One thing Longley said we do know for sure: how we're following storms is changing with more technology and social media platforms at our disposal than when a hurricane last made landfall in the U.S. back in 2005. 

Hurricane season will continue through Nov. 30.

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