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Hello, I’m still here. 

Thank you for all the kind words and well wishes.

I’ve spent the past 6 months becoming more intimately involved with the workings of the newsroom.  It certainly is much different than what I was used to doing, but I’ve learned a lot of new things.  After a quarter century in front of the cameras, the whole process which makes NewsChannel 9 tick is amazing.  There are a lot of moving parts!

Now, as the dust settles, I’m beginning to focus more on things that will help our news product, particularly in the digital realm.  I work with Jim Teske a lot on the presentation of our weather casts on TV.  Now, I’m going to begin looking at our digital platforms and see how we’re providing weather information to you.  Being away from the weather office causes me to think about how our products are used by all of you.  Of course, I have the added knowledge of what we can provide in the office to streamline things and ultimately make a better product for you.

Probably the most asked question I get asked, whether in e-mails or when I’m out in public is: “Do you miss being on television?”

The answer is no.  I do miss being able to inform and teach people about weather, but I do not miss the deadlines of the newscasts.  Getting rid of that pressure and the pressure of being in front of the camera has helped my well-being.

I did television for 25 years, I’m only 45.  I’m ready to do something different and contribute in new ways here at the station.  The business is changing and now I hope to be at the front of those changes.

I do have stress with my new position, but it’s different than what I dealt with before.  Instead of scheduling 4 people in the weather office, I’m keeping track of nearly 50 people in the newsroom. 

I still love weather.   I’m on the radio every morning on B 104.7 with Tom and Becky.  I still do some weather forecasting.  Don’t tell my bosses, but you might catch me in the newsroom looking at weather maps.  I still talk about what’s going on with the weather with the Storm Team.  Weather is in my blood.  I keep up to date with weather happenings the best that I can.

Health wise, things are about the same.  I’ve just been seeing a slow and gradual decline in my condition.  I’m not a fan of the hot weather, so when it does get hot, I try to take it as easy as possible.  I’m getting better at realizing my limitations and knowing when I need to take a break.

I plan on contributing weekly.  You'll find my blog on the weather page under Weather Headlines on the right hand side of the page.

As always, you can follow my musings on Facebook and Twitter.  As always you can reach me on e-mail at davelongley@localsyr.com

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