Deceptive Syracuse contractor may be at it again

Volney, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - A deceptive contractor may be at it again.

Jason Briere was banned from home improvement work three years ago after the Attorney General's office says he took money for projects he didn't complete.

According to the AG's Office, he was ordered to stay away from construction jobs unless he posted a $25,000 bond. He never posted the bond, but they believe he may be violating an order to stay away from home improvement projects. Now, he's facing a contempt order and jail time. 

"I think he took everything from us. Our dignity, our pride," said an alleged victim of Briere, Sherry Seabrook.

She also said he took more than $14,000 from her family.

"He left us. He left us with water through our house, with damage in our house, damage outside our house, garbage all over the place, nails everywhere," Seabrook explained. 

She says she hired Briere for a new roof and an addition on her home, but what she got were holes in the ceiling and a house in worse shape than before the construction started.

"It's just devastated us. The damage, I don't know how many times I've told my husband let's just sell it, let's just get out of it," she added.  "We're screwed, he screwed us, we're done."

Instead of selling, though, they called the Attorney General's office hoping to get their $14,000 back and possibly help others avoid becoming victims. 

The Attorney General's Office is now aiming to stop Briere with a permanent ban and jail time if he takes on any more construction jobs. 

To avoid situations like the Seabrook's the office recommends always asking for references from contractors, shopping around, and never paying for the full project up front.

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