DeWitt JCC celebrates Purim despite recent threats

DEWITT (WSYR-TV) - Despite another bomb threat at the Jewish Community Center in Rochester, DeWitt's JCC celebrated the holiday of Purim on Sunday. 

The holiday is typically a happy and festive celebration, although thoughts of threats nationwide lingered this year. 

"It is scary and it does make you a little angry that it is something you have to worry about," said Renee Haight, whose daughter Ayden attends JCC's summer camp.

Similar concerns were expressed by other parents at the event, where state police cars were parked outside. 

"We're always looking out," said Mick Hagan, the center's director for youth and teen services. "But we feel really safe now and have no issues."

Hagan said the group is determined to honor the spirit of Purim instead of reflecting on fear. 

"The Jewish Community is very strong," he said. "I don't think that's going to affect the mood at all."

Haight and her daughter will continue supporting the center. She plans to send Ayden to the summer program again this year. 

"It makes me just want to stand by them even more," Haight said. "So I'm not going to pull my support. We'll be there for them." 


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