Did neighbors of CA suspects overlook warning signs?

National security expert highlights signs neighbors may have missed

SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) - While authorities say the couple wasn't on watch lists or set off red flags, there could have been other indications neighbors and co-workers may have overlooked.

Bill Smullen, Director of National Security Studies at Syracuse University's Maxwell School and former Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, says families that see things need to "say something."

“These two shooters were building things in their garage late at night, or at least the male was, several boxes were being delivered at odd times of the day,” explained Bill Smullen, Director of National Security Studies at Syracuse University. “A neighbor saw this but she didn't report it. She didn't want to think it was racial profiling.”

Recovered inside the home were 12 pipe bombs and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

“If you're reluctant than I think we're going to have more of these types of incidents,” added Smullen.

Smullen says police can’t be everywhere, and why it’s important for neighbors to be their eyes and ears within their own communities to keep it safe. 

“If you see someone who isn't acting normally, if you hear something that doesn't sound like its right, if you see someone in your workplace who is angry for whatever reason, report it to someone,” said Smullen.

Smullen also warns families to be weary while online because every day thousands of posts on social media are sent to Americans from ISIS.

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