Drivers should be on the lookout for motorcycles

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - With temperatures warming up, you’ll likely see more and more motorcyclists on the road.

Unfortunately, more bikers on the road may mean more accidents.

Jerry Letson, president of Onondaga County ABATE, knows just what it’s like to hit the road— literally.

“(It’s) not a good feeling. You’re like out of control, sliding down the road. I hit a van which ran a red light. I t-boned it, which means I hit it in the middle. I was only doing 30 miles an hour, but I ended up in the hospital for nine months,” Letson said.

Letson suffered from a broken arm in four places, a dislocated leg and a torn artery.

It took him two years to build up the bravery to get back on the bike.

He says responsibility for road safety falls on both bikers and all drivers who may not see the smaller bike next to them.

“There's a lot of potholes from the winter, a lot of gravel, there's a lot of road hazards in general. Not to mention be aware that the other driver doesn't see you,” Letson said.

Letson reminds bikers to wear leather to protect their skin and the proper footwear. He says sandals should be worn if you want a tan, not on a motorcycle.

The NHTSA released a guide for hand signals that indicate turning or stopping that bikers use:

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